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I own a few properties, my first one was a rental property in a small town in NSW, Australia. I believe that to have a hassle free property it is very important to find a good property manager to lease and manage your property. At the beginning, we just gave the listing to the same agency that sold us the property in the first place but I believe we should have done our research on it before doing this. 3 months went by and we still didn't have a tenant. We decided to change property managers and in less than 2 weeks, we already had a tenant. Since then, we have had to authorize some repairs and other small things on the property but that's it. The property managers we have now are excellent and have been taking care of everything. All I see is a payment in my account every 2 weeks and an email from time to time. I think that's very hassle free.

I also wrote and article about what buying my first property taught me. This may help you get a better idea of the steps to take to purchase a good rental property:
What Buying my First Property Taught me

I hope this helps you in your future home purchase. Best of luck.
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Is it much hassle owning a rental property?

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